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Private Coaching Packages

Training You to Train Your Dog



Four coaching sessions to harness the power of the puppy socialization period. Learn how to socialize your puppy in the most positive way possible, train with treats and fun, and develop strong engagement, solid recall, and other basic behaviors - while steering clear of problem behaviors such as puppy nipping, chewing, potty accidents, and barking.

$500 for 4 sessions

Virtual first session for all new clients

For puppies 20 weeks & under on the date of first session


Four training sessions to learn the basics with your canine companion! I'll coach you through the necessary skills for teaching your dog how to come when called, walk on a loose leash, relax on a mat around distractions, and more. This package can also be tailored to some behavior challenges, such as jumping on people, chewing unwanted objects, etc.

$500 for 4 sessions

Virtual first session for all new clients

For dogs 20+ weeks on the date of the first session


Beyond the basics

Five training sessions to tackle behavior challenges such as barking and lunging on walks or in the home, stranger danger, wildlife chasing, hyperactivity, and more. We start with a virtual session for further assessment, and then work together to introduce crucial foundations such as disengaging from their triggers, relaxing around distractions, cooperative veterinary work, and beyond.

$620 for 5 sessions

Virtual first session for all new clients

Please note that I do not take severe aggression cases. Not sure if we're a good fit? Email me! If I can't help, I'll find you someone who can.

Not ready for a full training package?

Book your virtual starter session (60-90 minutes for $125) by itself to see what it's like to work with me! Starter session can be rolled into a full training package anytime within 90 days.

Dog training takes time, so packages of sessions are always recommended in order to reach your training goals. That being said, I understand that the time & financial commitment of a full training package is not feasible for everyone. My rate for a single coaching session is $135. 

Day Training

Day Training

Let the pro do the work!

I train your dog while you rest and recharge - or take your pup on a mid-day training walk so you can stay at the office. Great for puppy socialization, staying calm around distractions, coming when called, leash walking skills, and more! 

DAY TRAINING includes...

One 60-90 minute virtual starter session

Six hour-long day training sessions
(in your home, neighborhood, or at nearby parks - depending on training goals)

One hour-long in person coaching session 

Video uploads from day training sessions
(so you can watch training progress)

Email support throughout

$940 total

$815 for à-la-carte follow-up months

Committed to the process?

Dog training is a process, not an overnight fix. Book multiple months at once and enjoy discounted rates!  

Follow up months do not include initial virtual session. After the first month, we get right to work!

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