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Day Training

Monthly training subscription

Let the pro do the work!

A monthly training subscription is a hybrid of day training sessions and coaching sessions, and is great for reactivity, leash walking skills, puppy socialization, staying calm around distractions, coming when called, and more! 

During day training sessions, I train your dog while you work from home or the office, run errands, or rest and recharge on the couch.

Coaching sessions, which occur every 6 day training sessions, are for working together to catch you up to speed with your dog's newfound skills.


One 60-90 minute virtual starter coaching session

Six hour-long day training sessions
(in your home, neighborhood, or at nearby parks & pet friendly stores)

One hour-long in person coaching session 

Video uploads from day training sessions
(so you can track training progress)

Email support throughout

$940 total

$815 for à-la-carte follow-up months


Not ready for a full training package?

Book your virtual starter session (60-90 minutes for $125) by itself to see what it's like to work with me! Starter session can be rolled into a full training package anytime within 90 days.

Dog training takes time, so packages of sessions are always recommended in order to reach your training goals. 

Committed to the process?

Dog training is a process, not an overnight fix. Book multiple months at once and enjoy discounted rates!  

Follow up months do not include initial virtual session. After the first month, we get right to work!

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